Prayer of the Faithful Catholic Wedding

Prayer Of The Faithful For Wedding

The Prayer of the faithful Catholic wedding is a universal prayer, the word of God which we have received in Catholic faith with the Eucharist and the Sacred scripture. In the earlier days, it was called the General Intercessions or Prayers of the Faithful.

Along with Homily, at the Mass, the priest and people stand together and say the liturgy of the word loudly and devotion, believing in God and how everyone should look for reconciliation with him.

You can also get advice to compose your own prayers for the Universal Prayer from online services. This website allows you sample prayers and from which you can make your own.

Many people talk about the Prayer of the Faithful with the wrong words. Instead of “prayers of the faithful”, be sure to refer to this rite as the Prayer of the Faithful. The Prayer of the Faithful Catholic Wedding is basically not a collection of prayers.

In the Catholic Weddings, the prayers are encouraged to pursue the order of celebrating the sacrament of marriage.  These intercessions have become the first action of reverence of the newly wedded couple.

Prayers of the Faithful ideas for Your Catholic Wedding

If you are planning to get married in The Catholic Church, then get some ideas of for the prayers of the faithful and get the to-do list.  A Catholic marriage preparation itself is a tedious task, and when it comes to following the traditions than it gets tricky and difficult part of the wedding plan.  You should plan your wedding by doing a lot of research, especially for the readings and prayers, and you should make sure that your Universal Prayers should be beautiful and involve each member of your family and friends in your Holy Communion.

You can find the Prayer of the Faithful Catholic Wedding in a category wise, and if you are looking to honor a lost family member or if you want to be thankful to your parents and say something special to them for being there for you in every moment of your life. Also, you can make small changes by adding your loved ones’ names to make them feel more special. You can as well approach your local parish or priest for advice if you not sure what you want to write or how do you want to say your speech, they can advise you on practices and regulations.

In the end of the intercession, you can thank all your friends and family for their presence on your special day and pray the Lord for peace and their good health. Finally, pray for all the people present that the Lord may give them peace, hope, and love in their hearts forever.  Give thanks to the Lord for being blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in your life and giving the best life partner for the rest of the life.

Prayers of the Faithful Catholic Wedding Samples

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