Prayers of The Faithful Catholic Wedding (Samples)


If you are doing the Mass for your wedding, you can take these examples to personalize the prayers of the faithful.

Option 1

Let us ask today especially for God to bless and accompany on his way to (name of the spouses) that have united in marriage. Let us pray for them and for all men, saying: “LET US PRAY TO THE LORD.

  1. For (NAME OF HUSBANDS): may God preserve and increase his love, and help them to maintain fidelity and mutual trust.      LET US PRAY TO THE LORD
  2. May each day overcome selfishness and each seeks only the good of the other, and never tired of forgiving and accepting each other. LET US PRAY TO THE LORD
  3. May they live for many years surrounded by the love and company of their families and friends. LET US PRAY TO THE LORD
  4. For the dead of our families: may God grant them the fullness of their love in eternal life. LET US PRAY TO THE LORD
  5. For the men and women of the whole world: in all grow feelings of generosity and love, peace and desire for justice. LET US PRAY TO THE LOR THE LORD
  6. For all those who, anywhere in the world, are victims of war or hunger, inequalities, lack of love: that they lack hope, and can find ways of liberation. LET US PRAY TO THE LORD
  7. For Christians, for all who believe in Jesus Christ: that we live truly according to his Gospel and thus be witnesses of his love. LET US PRAY TO THE LORD
  8. For all of us gathered here: may the Lord protect our homes, increase the love between us and give us more hope and joy. LET US PRAY TO THE LORD

Option 2

Together, let us thanks to God and pray, saying, “LORD, HEAR OUR PLAYER”

  1. Thank you, Lord, that you have created us to love us.
    We ask you today for (NAME OF THE SPOUSES): help them in the way of their marriage, so that, loving themselves, bear testimony of your love. LORD, HEAR OUR PLAYER
  2. We thank you, Lord because you wanted to attend the wedding at Cana.
    We ask that you also be present today at the wedding that we are celebrating. LORD, HEAR OUR PLAYER
  3. We thank you, Lord because you wanted all those present to accompany today (NAME OF THE SPOUSES)
    Make those of us who are now witnesses of your union, always ready to help you. LORD, HEAR OUR PLAYER
  4. We thank you, Lord, for although in our world there is so much pain and evil, you do not stop growing in the hearts of men longings for freedom and justice.
    We ask that in our lives, and in the lives of all, these longings become concrete actions at the service of others. LORD, HEAR OUR PLAYER
  5. We give you thanks, Lord, because you have given us the Church as the messenger of your Word.
    We ask that this Word of yours always enlighten the home of (NAME OF THE SPOUSES) and all homes. LORD, HEAR OUR PLAYER

Option 3

Lord rich in goodness and Father full of mercy: praising today and blessing you for your immense love, we ask you to listen to these our prayers that we address you through Jesus Christ …

GOD let us now present our prayer to the Father for all men, and especially today for (NAME OF THE SPOUSES), so that God may bless them and accompany them in the new path that they begin. Let us answer by saying: “HEAR ME, OUR FATHER.”

  1. Let us pray for all men and for all nations. So that where there are war and violence comes peace.  Those who suffer oppression and exploitation gain freedom and justice. the sick, those who feel alone, the sad ones, find a company, healing, and strength. Those families in difficulties can overcome them. Those who have the political and economic power put it to the service of all. For all this, HEAR ME, OUR FATHER
  2. Pray for the Church. To receive the love and grace of Jesus Christ, this love that we now see represented in the marriage of (NAME OF THE SPOUSES) So that we truly witness to love and hope. the pope and the bishops are faithful in their task. So that all those who have some responsibility in the Christian communities to exercise it with dedication and spirit of service. HEAR ME, OUR FATHER
  3. Let us ask today, especially, for (NAME OF THE SPOUSES). May the Lord bless you and accompany you. The new stage that begins today is fruitful and full of vitality. So that your life is a stimulus of illusion and love for all who know and treat you. So that your love may grow stronger every day. That they may be happy in all that they undertake. HEAR ME, OUR FATHER
  4. Finally, ask for all of us. That faith, hope, and love may increase in us. May the Lord bless and bless our families. HEAR ME, OUR FATHER

Father, hear our prayer and pour out upon us and upon the whole world the strength of your Holy Spirit. By…

Father, rich in love and tenderness, listen to our prayers and grant your children (NAME OF THE SPOUSES) the gifts of your goodness. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Example responses

There is no one “correct” way for a congregation to respond in the bidding prayers. Here are a few popular examples:-

Lord in your mercy.
Hear our prayer.

Let us pray to the Lord
Lord, have mercy.

We pray to the Lord:
Lord hear our prayer.

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