Wedding Checklist Just For the Groom

Wedding Checklist Just For the Groom

It’s really quite simple. Planning a wedding is usually all going to fall on the bride’s shoulders. Grooms are usually pretty absent until they feel like complaining about a hard decision the bride had to make.

So here are a few tasks to delegate specifically to the groom. Number one, so the bride can unload some of the checklist items. Number two, because grooms usually need explicit direction.

The Early Wedding Checklist Stages

· Pick a few wedding ceremony and reception venues you would like to see and include them on the list of places for the couple to visit.

· You should be the one to ask his parents if they will be contributing financially. If so, how much? The wedding budget needs to be established early on in the wedding planning process.

· It sounds tedious to actually list this, let your groomsmen know that they are going to be groomsmen. And this should be done as soon as the couple knows who they want to ask to stand up in the wedding.

Six to Two Months From the Wedding Day

· The groom needs to have his groomsmen, his father, and the bride’s father get fitted for tuxedos. Just like the bride needs to keep up with the bridesmaid’s dress and accessory purchases/alterations, so does the groom with the groomsmen.

· You can also be responsible for picking up the liquor (if the couple has to supply it at the reception). Come up with a list of alcohol to have. Also, research liquor stores for the best price and customer service for getting kegs delivered.

· Come up with tasks for your groomsmen leading up to the wedding and the day of the wedding. You also need to go over these tasks with the groomsmen and make sure they know what their expectations are. Some of the bridesmaids should have duties as well. Duties include but are not limited to: handling cash tips, the marriage license, seating guests, keeping an eye on the vendors, decorating the getaway car, etc.

· Don’t forget to make sure one of the groomsmen is on the bachelor party planning and that it’s to his (and the bride’s) liking.

· The groom should call all of his insurance companies to make sure the bride will be on all of the policies. Unless the bride is the one who holds most of the policies, this is a good job for you.

· Call the insurance companies, make sure to take out any policy needed for the wedding day and to add rings and gifts to the home owner’s policy.

· Book wedding day transportation.

· Research honeymoon ideas and bring the best contenders to the bride for discussion.

Wedding Day CheckList

· Get a haircut.

· Get your teeth cleaned and polished.

· Try a relaxing facial (to close up some of those pores as well) and manicure/pedicure, You’ll love it.

· Show up and don’t forget the rings.

And don’t forget to enjoy this wedding day with your future wife!!!

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